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Helping to explain the confusing world of British Pensions

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Helping to explain the confusing world of British and Irish Pensions

Craig has 20yrs ‘experience within the Finance & Insurance industry, starting his career in Bristol, UK in 2000. Craig then followed his passion into the international arena, assisting expatriate clients with all aspects of financial planning, importantly the management and understanding of their UK & Irish Frozen Pensions.


Craig is a meticulous adviser and enjoys building personal connections with all his clients. He is enthusiastic about helping not only people, but animals and has been the Vice President of the Board of Directors for the Nevada SPCA since September 2019, he also volunteers his time regularly to various charities throughout his community.


Craig has been living in the US since 2017 after moving here with his American wife Nicole, he brings a huge amount of international knowledge and experience to the pension market here!

Have questions about your UK State Pension? Have various pensions but not sure how to find them?  Want to know what options you have available to you now you're living in the United States?

I can help. 



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How do I check my State Pension contributions?

Click the link, it will take you to site, you'll be able to follow the prompts

My pension provider doesn't offer the option I want. Don't they have to?

The pension reforms allow providers to offer new options. If your provider does not offer the option you want, you should be able to transfer your defined contribution pension to another provider at any age before you begin taking a drawdown. However, there are advantages and disadvantages to transferring your pension including added costs. It is important you understand your options, disadvantages and the costs before making a decision.

I only worked in the UK a short amount of time, how do I get the full government pension?

First thing you'll need to do is find out how many years you contributed, by following the above link. I would recommend seeking professional advice as to whether making up a missed contribution is right for you, how to make up missed contributions

Do I need a UK bank account to receive my UK pension?

No, your provider should be able to pay your pension into any account you request.

Do I have to pay tax on my UK Pension?

Yes. It is important you seek the services and consultation from a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

I worked in the UK for numerous companies, how do I find out if I have a pension?

If you think you may have contributed to various different pensions then you'll need to contact your previous employers and ask who administered the pension whilst you worked there, reach out the the administrator and ask them to send you an up to date pension statement, alternatively email me at I can do this for you at no cost.

The company I used to work for is no longer around, what happened to my pension?

Your pension will be somewhere, there is usually a paper trail to follow, first thing to do is reach out to the pension tracing service, as they will be able to tell you who is managing the pension now. This is something I can assist with, so if you feel you don't have the time or just want someone to take control, please contact me.

What happens to my pension after I am gone?

Each pension plan has varying benefits, if you are wondering this, please contact me. I will be able to look specifically at your individual plan and advise appropriately.

How do I find my National Insurance number?

You can contact HMRC and request they send it to you, or follow this link

What is the difference between a Defined Benefit & Defined Contribution Pension?

A Defined Contribution (DC) pension scheme is based on how much has been contributed to the pot and growth of that money over time. A Defined Benefit (DB) Pension will offer you a guaranteed amount of money each year in retirement.

Not sure what pension you have?

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Craig Murrin works for GWM USA LLC and is part of the GWM Group for all Group regulatory details please visit GWM USA LLC through its advisors offers investment and financial advisory services through Beacon Global Advisor Network, LLC (BGAN), a registered investment adviser with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

SEC number : 801-110724 : CRD number is 288833. Registration with the SEC does not imply a certain level of experience or education and does not mean the SEC approves or endorses BGAN.

Craig Murrin is an advisory representative with 20 years of experience. No guarantees are offered that you will accomplish your financial goals. Investing involves risk including the possible loss of principal.    Specific advice and comments can only be given after a one on one consultation.



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